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The HSLA Delegation met with the Director of Secondary Education to discuss issues concerning teachers.

The HSLA Delegation met with the Director of Secondary Education to talk about problems that teachers were having.The delegation met with the honorable director, Sh. Ansaj Singh, under the leadership of HSLA President, Sh. Satpal Sandhu, today to discuss the teachers’ pending issues. The following issues were raised in front of the director as per Press Secretary HSLA, Sh. Ajit Chandelia:

HSLA delegation met director seconadary education to discuss teachers' problems

  • The Teachers Transfer Drive 2023 will start soon.
  • Block preferences will be used for the normalisation process of the posts in different categories.
  • Teachers who couldn’t fill block preferences due to some reasons need not worry.
  • The confirmation of PGTs issued will soon be resolved.
  • The worthy director has sought advice on the teachers’ transfer policy from the HSLA delegation, as the policy needs some changes and these changes will be implemented after discussion with HSLA.
  • Pending issues with ACPs will be resolved soon.
  • Promotion A list of principals will soon be declared.
  • Further study of the teachers’ issue will soon be resolved.

Sh. Ramesh, State Vice President; Dr. Tarsem Kaushik, District President; Sunil Verma; and Sh. Ajay Kundu, President, HSLA, Panipat, were present in the meeting with Sh. Satpal Sandhu.

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