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Trending Point: How can we save the Earth on Earth Day 2023?

Trending Point: How can we save the Earth on Earth Day 2023? This is the question that all of us have to think over and should make a commitment to: from today onwards, we all take an oath to save our beloved Earth, a living entity not for us but for our coming generation. Is it possible to save the earth in the present scenario, where people are terrorised by the threat of nuclear weapons every day? These are the trending points, and the answer to these questions will decide whether we can save our beloved motherland, the Earth.

Trending Point: How can we save the Earth on Earth Day 2023?

Art is Created by Rinki( MINASHI), my student at GSSS, DADRI TOYE(jHAJJAR)

Trending Point: How can we save the Earth on Earth Day 2023?

Earth Day 2023: Every year on April 22nd, International Mother Earth Day is observed. The theme for Earth Day 2022 is “Invest in Our Planet,” which encourages businesses to adopt more sustainable practices. The day is observed to raise awareness about the rise in pollution and other activities that are directly or indirectly affecting the environment and leading to the planet’s demise. The concept of the day arose after various challenges such as pollution, global warming, and smog became major causes of environmental damage.

Earth Day was started in the 1970s by Senator Gaylord Nelson, “a leading figure in the twentieth-century fight against environmental degradation and social injustice, to promote ecology and raise awareness of the concerns surrounding the earth.” Gaylord Anton Nelson (June 4, 1916 – July 3, 2005) was a Wisconsin politician and environmentalist who served as a US Senator and governor. He was a Democrat and the creator of Earth Day, which sparked a new era of the environmental movement.

International Mother Earth Day2023: Its Origins and Importance

Senator Gaylord Nelson was concerned about the planet’s deteriorating conditions; Earth is a living entity, therefore he sought to combine student anti-war protest energy with a growing public knowledge about air and water pollution. Senator Gaylord Nelson considered coining the term “Earth Day” after seeing the horror of a large oil spill at Santa Barbara, California, along with the rest of the globe.

“Two decades ago, a British scientist named James Lovelock proposed an imaginative and poetic explanation for how the Earth works.” He claims that the planet’s living organisms collaborate to govern the global environment: “Life interacts chemically and physically with the air, water, and rocks to maintain optimum conditions for itself.” The Times of New YorkMother Earth has always been a component of human life and culture in some shape or another throughout history.

You’ve probably heard of Mother Earth, but have you ever considered your Mother Earth? It has long been assumed that Earth is only a planet, and that everyone has abused its Mother Earth. Our globe has since been determined to be a breathing, living organism. We now consider the Earth holistically and ecologically, as a living thing in and of itself, rather than the sum of its parts. Our planet, like a human being, has required functions as a single organism that maintains vital conditions for survival. Have we begun to consider our Mother Earth to be a living organism? Do we care or are we just showing off? Think?

Trending Point: Theme will help us to ‘Invest in our Planet’ Earth Day?

“Invest in our Planet,” the topic of Earth Day 2022, encourages businesses to embrace more sustainable practises. Is it, however, happening all across the world? Are we truly committed to rescuing our beloved mother, the earth? In Ukraine, people are fighting for the right to occupy the ground. This is how we can protect and invest in our precious planet, yet whatever Ukrainians had invested in their motherland has been burned and ruined. How can we feel safe and safeguard our planet in such conditions by warring and killing humans for the sake of land and pestilence?
Do We Want Mother Earth to Be Peaceful? If this is the case, we must be concerned!

Who isn’t destroying our planet? Stop War! Save Earth!

We are eager to invest in our beloved planet, but what about the folks who are squandering and destroying all of our investments in record time, and no one dares to confront or stop them from displaying a muscular display of nuclear menace to the world? That is, let us first abolish all nuclear weapons, and then consider protecting our planet with a strong international institution capable of putting an end to the annoyance of useless fighting everywhere.

The field where we used to receive our food has already been burnt, and no one, not even the UN, can stop it. So, we believe that all citizens of the world should come forward to stop the threat war; otherwise, dangerous weapons production will continue, and powerful countries will simply organise a ceremony to celebrate Earth Day 2023; if this continues, unfortunately, this ceremony on April 22 will not be repeated the following year.

As a result, cease the conflict to rescue our beautiful world, on which we exist, or our very existence would be jeopardised.

How can cultivating organic crops help to safeguard the environment?

“Invest in our planet” is the theme of Earth Day this year. Have we invested in our planet, or has it been exploited by future generations? We must give it serious consideration! Earth is our mother, and we revere her. But, do we honour our Mother Earth? We have always relied on the soil and will continue to do so in the future. Unfortunately, we have never taken its health seriously. As a result of all of these exploitations, our Mother Earth is in a major survival crisis, and restoring peace and health will be incredibly difficult. Let us make a concerted effort to transform our Mother Earth into a living creature.

Trending point: Earth day 2023, grow trees to protect land slides and environment of the place where we live.

Stop burning wood on Earth Day.
Raise awareness among the poor about the dangers of cooking with wood. To obtain a gas connection, apply for the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana.

Rural people are uninformed of environmental issues, and there are environmental problems in rural areas. They are still cooking with wood and cow dung. It could be because of their poverty and lack of understanding about the consequences for their health.

They do, however, have certain environmental issues due to their ignorance, inability to read or write, poverty, and superstitions.

Rural India still has certain environmental issues due to a lack of infrastructure, sanitation, pesticide use in farming, a lack of drainage systems, salination, desertification, and land degradation.

How can we communicate the World Eartht Day message in rural areas?
They do, however, face some environmental issues as a result of their ignorance, illiteracy, poverty, and superstitions. Teachers and students should take the initiative to educate the public about the value of the environment to future generations.

The Green Movement’s History and Role in Saving Earth

“The green movement is a diverse movement that advances the concerns of environmentalists, that is, people who believe that the integrity of the non-human world is worth preserving for its own sake as well as for human survival.” Its membership is extraordinarily diversified, including scientists, political activists, rich and poor people from all over the world, and people from all walks of life.”

What Can We Do to Protect the Environment means Earth?

  • Let us Reuse, Recycle, and Reduce. Recycle what you can. Use the three “R’s” to save natural resources and landfill space.
  • Volunteer to clean up your neighbourhood. Aids in the propagation of cleanliness consciousness across society.
  • Teachers and students should educate society about the importance of living organisms, and you should all feel motivated to work and help others comprehend the value of our natural resources.
  • Conserve water by learning how to do so. The less water we use, the less runoff and waste there will be.
  • Wastewater that eventually makes its way to the ocean.
  • Be sustainable and minimalist. Discover how to live a modest and sustainable lifestyle.
  • Purchase items with caution. We should utilise reusable shopping bags instead of plastic bags.
  • Always Plant a tree in your neighbourhood. Trees provide us with oxygen and nourishment. They conserve energy, clean the air, provide shade, and aid in the fight against climate change.

What should we do to save the earth?

What options does the principal of a school have on Earthday2023?
On World Earth Day, the principal of the school can award various rewards.

What activities should teachers plan for Earth Day?
Teachers can educate their pupils about the significance of WED and its implications for our society.

What activities can elementary kids participate in on World Earth Day?
Request that your youngsters draw a tree and some nature.

The Principal’s Message on the Earth day 2023

  • Now is the time to address environmental concerns!
  • “If we keep destroying trees, the world will be reduced to two colours: black and white.” Bhaskar Dainik.
  • What did man leave behind for nature as he progressed?
  • The earth’s temperature has risen by one degree: Over the last 150 years, industrialization has raised the earth’s temperature by one degree, lowering the nutritional value of food.
  • Humans have elevated the temperature of the ocean by 1.5 degrees Celsius, putting aquatic species in danger.
  • As a result of rising pollution, 90 million people die each year.
  • Pesticide use has affected the fertility of the soil.
  • In the previous 25 years, 13 million square kilometres of forest have been lost.
  • What does nature now expect from us?
  • Land usage must be adjusted to conserve the environment.
  • Reduce your consumption of water, petrol and oil.
  • If trees, flowers, animals, birds, and sea animals are safe, humans need not be anxious.
  • We must rapidly adopt renewable energy sources such as solar energy and electric automobiles.
  • Stop meddling with the forest and wildlife.


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