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Karam Yogi Training at DIET Machrauli( Jhajjar)

Karam Yogi Training at DIET Machrauli( Jhajjar)


  1. “Karam Yogi Training Inaugurated at DIET Machrauli, Jhajjar”
    • Principal Sh. B.P. Rana delivers the opening speech and addresses the gathered principals.
    • M.T.s. Jaldeep and Urmila speak to attending principals.
  2. “Duty of a Government Employee at the Workplace: A Critical Analysis”
    • Outlining the responsibilities for effective public service.Karam Yogi Training at DIET Machrauli( Jhajjar)
    • Emphasising professionalism, adherence to policies, and commitment to efficiency.
  3. “Responsibilities and Duties of the Principal at SJS GGSSS, Silana, Jhajjar”
    • Highlighting the multifaceted role of the school principal.
    • Fostering educational leadership, administrative oversight, and community engagement.
  4. “iGOT Karmayogi: NPSCSB’s Learning Transformation Programme”
    • Introduction of iGOT Karmayogi for Civil Services’ capacity building.
    • AI-driven competency evaluation and a policy framework for strategic HR management.Karam Yogi Training at DIET Machrauli( Jhajjar)

News Report:


M.S. Yadav, Principal

In a recent development, Karam Yogi Training was officially inaugurated at DIET Machrauli, Jhajjar. Principal Sh. B.P. Rana commenced the event with an insightful speech, setting the tone for the training program. M.T.s Jaldeep and Urmila addressed the gathering, primarily comprising principals from various institutions in Jhajjar who arrived early to participate in the training.Karam Yogi Training at DIET Machrauli( Jhajjar)

Shifting focus, the duty of a government employee to deliver their responsibilities at the workplace has been emphasized. This critical aspect of public service underscores the need for professionalism, adherence to policies, and a commitment to efficiency in daily tasks.Karam Yogi Training at DIET Machrauli( Jhajjar)

Meanwhile, the responsibilities and duties of the principal at SJS GGSSS, Silana, Jhajjar, were outlined. The role includes educational leadership, administrative oversight, curriculum development, and community engagement. These responsibilities collectively contribute to creating a positive and effective learning environment.karamyogi training

In the realm of civil services, the NPSCSB introduced a transformative learning programme called iGOT Karmayogi. This comprehensive online platform aims to address capacity-building concerns by delivering various learning modes. The programme seeks to integrate AI for competency evaluation, strategic HR decision-making, and the establishment of a robust institutional framework. Policies aligned with government operations and a transparent monitoring and evaluation system will be crucial components.

Reporting for Haryana Shiksha Samachar in Jhajjar, M.S. Yadav, Principal, brings this comprehensive news report, shedding light on significant developments in education and public service.

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