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SJS GGSSS, Silana Celebrates Happy  Dussehra 2023! Quotes, wishes, and words for Students and their loved ones

Silana, October 24 – SJS GGSSS, Silana, is brimming with joy as it celebrates Happy Dussehra 2023 with immense enthusiasm on October 24, 2023. This vibrant festival, symbolizing the victory of good over evil, resonates deeply with the spirit of our school and community.

SJS GGSSS, Silana Celebrates Happy  Dussehra 2023! Quotes, wishes, and words for Students and their loved ones.Primary Students of SJS GGSSS, Silana, Embrace Cultural Heritage through Ramlila Manchan SJS GGSSS, Silana Celebrates Happy  Dussehra 2023!

As we embrace this occasion, here are some heartfelt quotes, wishes, and words for our dear students and their loved ones:SJS GGSSS, Silana Celebrates Happy  Dussehra 2023! Quotes, wishes, and words for Students and their loved ones

  1. “May the light of righteousness always guide your path, just as Lord Ram’s victory illuminated the world. Happy Dussehra!”
  2. “On this auspicious day, let us conquer our inner demons and celebrate the goodness within us. Happy Dussehra to all the bright minds of SJS GGSSS!”
  3. “Dussehra teaches us that no matter how strong the darkness is, the light of truth will always prevail. Wishing our students a life filled with brightness and goodness.”
  4. “As we burn the effigy of Ravana, let us burn away our negativity and embrace the virtues that lead us to success. Happy Dussehra, dear students!”
  5. “Dussehra is a reminder that the victory of good over evil begins within ourselves. May you all find the strength to conquer your inner battles. Happy Dussehra!”
  6. “Just as Lord Ram’s unwavering faith led to his victory, have faith in your abilities, and success will be yours. Happy Dussehra to our brilliant students!”
  7. **”Dussehra is a time to write a new chapter in your life. May it be filled with wisdom, joy, and prosperity. Wishing you a Happy Dussehra!”Happy Dussehra 2022: Symbol of the Victory of Good over Evil
  8. **”Celebrate the triumph of righteousness with a heart full of gratitude. Happy Dussehra to our wonderful students and their families!”
  9. **”May this Dussehra inspire you to always choose the right path and stay committed to your goals. The victory of good is within your reach!”
  10. **”Dussehra is a time to cherish our heritage and uphold our values. May this festival bring joy and blessings to all our students and their dear ones.”

Speech on Happy 2023 Dussehra!

Happy 2023 Dussehra! Quotes, wishes, and words to send to your loved ones

I’m wishing you a very happy Dussehra and strength to always stand up for what’s right in life.
Happy 2023 Dussehra! The nine-day Navratri festival comes to a close on Vijayadashami, or the tenth day. Hindus celebrate Dussehra as a celebration of Lord Ram’s victory over the evil monarch Ravana.

Huge effigies of the demon king Ravana are burned by people all around the nation today to symbolise the triumph of good over evil. Tuesday, October 24, is Dussehra’s celebration day this year.

Vijayadashami, or Dasara, is another name for the conclusion of the Durga Puja celebrations, which last for five days. Vijayadashami is thought to be a celebration of Goddess Durga’s victory over the buffalo monster Mahishasura. The idols of the goddesses Saraswati, Ganesh, Kartik, Laxmi, and Durga are submerged in water.

Wishes, sayings, and messages for your loved ones on Dussehra 2023
1) May the heavenly blessings of Lord Rama and Goddess Durga assist you in succeeding in all that you do.Cheers to Dussehra and Vijaya Dashami!

2) Now is the moment to rejoice and exaltation. I’m wishing you a very happy Dasara and strength to stand up for what’s right in life at all times.

3) May the Ravana effigy burn away all of your concerns and bring in a new day full of optimism when you fire it. Happy 2023 Dussehra!

4) May Lord Ram continue to shine on your successful journey and grant you triumph in all area of your life. Joyous Dussehra!

5) Let us celebrate the victory of good over evil and strive towards improving ourselves as individuals.

6) On this Vijayadashami, may you have the bravery to take on any obstacles in your path. I wish you and your family a happy Dussehra.

7) I’m wishing you a Dussehra full of happiness, prosperity, and the sweetness of accomplishment. May God bless you today!

8) On this happy day, I pray that Lord Rama fills your life with happiness, success, and prosperity. Cheers to Vijayashmi 2023!

9) I hope you have success, happiness, and peace on this important occasion. Grateful Vijayadasami.

10) Let us keep in mind the principles of justice, compassion, and truth as we celebrate Dussehra. Cheers to Vijay Dashami!

On this joyous occasion, let us come together as a community to celebrate the triumph of good over evil, and may our students continue to shine brightly in all their endeavors. Happy Dussehra!

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