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Oldest Tennis Tournament Wimbledon from Tomorrow

Oldest Tennis Tournament Wimbledon from Tomorrow

Wimbledon, the oldest tennis tournament, begins tomorrow at the All England Club in London. The 146-year-old Grand Slam competition is in its 136th year. Wimbledon has only been held during World War II and the 2020 Corona epidemic. It is also regarded as the most prestigious of tennis’ four Grand Slams.

Oldest Tennis Tournament Wimbledon from Tomorrow

Oldest Tennis Tournament Wimbledon from Tomorrow

Prize money at Wimbledon this year

This year’s prize money at Wimbledon will be around 11% higher than in 2022. Both singles champions will receive around Rs 24.49 crore. The runner-up will receive Rs 12.25 crore in prize money. The 2023 competition will award approximately Rs 465 crore. Last year, the men’s and women’s champions received around Rs 20.85 crore.

Prize money was not awarded at Wimbledon prior to the Open Era (1968). Tennis was recognised as a professional sport in 1968. Since then, the game has referred to this period as the Open Era. In 1968, the men’s singles champion received £2000, while the women’s singles champion received £750. Until 2007, the prize money for the women’s and men’s categories was distinct. Since 2008, both classes have received equal prize money at the Grand Slam.

Discover the Wimbledon tradition

There are ball lads and ball girls. This championship is made special by the ball boys and gals. These are referred to as BBGs. BBG has been working in teams of six since 2005, with two in net and four in the corners. It is their responsibility to pick up the ball and bring it to the player. BBGs competed in the championship from the 1920s through the 1930s. They are nominated by the principal, although they must all pass a written test based on tennis regulations.
In a players’ dress competition, all players are permitted to play tennis while dressed entirely in white. Protests were also held during Wimbledon in 2022. Protesters said that playing tennis in white during periods was difficult for women. The white dress code was thus dropped, but Wimbledon adhered to its guidelines. This time, the players will only be dressed in white.
Spectators are served strawberry-cream wine. It is customary at the tournament to serve British wines to spectators in addition to strawberries & cream.
Grass court events Wimbledon debuted on grass courts in 1877. This championship has been staged on the grass court for the past 146 years. It is the only Grand Slam that is held on grass courts. The Australian and US Opens are held on hard courts, but the French Open is held on clay courts.
Why is this game only played on grass…?
Tennis originated on grass courts, according to the organisers of Wimbledon, and games are being played on grass today to retain that heritage. There are 18 grass courts at the club.

Some fascinating tournament facts of Wimbledon

The royal family deserves to be respected. Previously, players would bow their heads in deference to the royal family seated in the royal box before entering and exiting the centre court. His Royal Highness the Duke of Kent, president of the All England Club at the time, chose to terminate the tradition in 2003. Only when the Prince or Queen of Wales is present do players bow. This occurred in 2010, when the Queen herself attended Wimbledon on June 24.
Player Information Prior to 2009, female players were called as ‘Miss’ or ‘Mrs’ on the scoreboard. Following that, married female players are addressed by the name of their husband.
The trophy remains untouched, and the champions are given a replica. The trophy has been handed to the champion of the men’s singles at Wimbledon since 1887. The male champion receives a cup that measures 18.5 inches tall by 7.5 inches wide. The champion is awarded with a replica of the trophy, which bears the names of previous victors, while the original trophy is housed in the All England Club’s museum. The winner of the women’s singles competition receives a sterling silver salver (a silver prize in the shape of a dish). It is adorned with god and goddess idols. The Silver Cup is given to the winner of the doubles event.
A special eagle is kept to scare away pigeons. In Wimbledon, an eagle is kept to scare away birds. Rufus the Hawk is a Harris Hawk, a type of hawk bred by the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club to scare pigeons away. Hawke is regarded as a key member of the Wimbledon family. Rufus has been serving for the past 15 years. Hamish Baz used to drive pigeons at Wimbledon before he met Rufus.

The All England Club organises Wimbledon.

Wimbledon is the only Grand Slam event that is not hosted by a National Tennis Association. The All England Club organises it. The club was established in 1868. Tennis was previously known as croquet. Six members founded the All England Tennis and Croquet Club and, later, the Wimbledon event in 1877.

It is now a private club with 500 members. This club is owned by the Princess of Wales. Catherine Elizabeth Middleton is the current owner.

the year’s third grand slam
Tennis has four Grand Slam tournaments. All four events are held on an annual basis, beginning with the Australian Open in January. The French Open takes place between May and June. Wimbledon is held in July, and the US Open is held in August-September. The US Open is the year’s final Grand Slam.

Wimbledon is the only major championship still held on grass courts. The French Open is held on clay courts, whilst the Australian and United States Opens are held on hard courts.

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