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Haryana’s Chief Minister Met with E-Adhigam Beneficiaries

Haryana’s Chief Minister Met with E-Adhigam Beneficiaries and he declared that the family Id of each student will be crosschecked for any income shown in his family Id. “Tablets and data are tools for students that will help them acquire 21st-century skills and open up new opportunities.” “Haryana students will become global students through e-learning,” he remarked.

During COVID-19, Khattar stated that many families struggled to transition their children to online education and that the project was a response to this worry.

Haryana’s Chief Minister Met with E-Adhigam Beneficiaries

“With these tablets, we will not be limited to classroom teaching, but we will remain connected with the affairs of the world,” Khattar explained.

Haryana government launched its ambitious “e-Adhigam” scheme under which nearly 5.5 lakh tablets were distributed to government school students of Classes 10, 11, and 12.

These devices come with pre-loaded content along with personalized and adaptive learning software, and 2GB of free data. The government intends to provide the gadget to five lakh students from Classes 10-12.

He further said that the scheme benefits both students and teachers and they develop better communication.

More than 37000 tablets are distributed among teachers. Haryana became the first state which distributed tablets to the students.

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