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Boys Don’t Try? Rethinking Masculinity in Schools

Boys Don’t Try? Rethinking Masculinity in Schools


Boys Don’t Try? Rethinking Masculinity in Schools. There is a serious issue in our country where far too many guys are struggling. The list of issues that instructors should be concerned about is lengthy. Academic failures, a lack of enthusiasm for learning, increased exclusion rates, rising mental health difficulties, sexist attitudes, an inability to communicate emotions… Traditional masculinity beliefs are having a harmful impact on both men and women.

Boys Don’t Try? Rethinking Masculinity in Schools

Matt Pinkett and Mark Roberts argue in this groundbreaking book that schools must reconsider their efforts to get boys back on track. Boys Do not Attempt? investigates the research on crucial subjects such as anxiety and achievement, behavior and bullying, schooling, and self-esteem. It invites the reader to evaluate how they define masculinity and what we want for boys in our schools.

Offering practical quick wins as well as long-term strategies to help boys become happier and achieve greater academic success, the offers ways to avoid problematic behavior by boys as well as tips to help teachers address poor behavior when it occurs; highlights key areas of pastoral care that need to be recognized by schools; exposes how popular approaches to “engaging” boys are actually misguided and damaging; details how issues like disadvantage, relationships, violence, and bullying can all be addressed by schools;

Boys Don't Try? Rethinking Masculinity in Schools

This is vital reading for all classroom teachers and school leaders who want to ensure male students achieve the same success as girls, with an easy-to-navigate three-part format for each chapter outlining the stories, key research, and practical answers.

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