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Activities on Saturday Bag Free Day for Students in GGSSS Silana

Activities on Saturday Bag Free Day for Students in GGSSS Silana
On August 5, 2023, GGSSS Silana saw a day filled with purposeful activities as part of “Saturday Bag Free Day” for the students.

Activities on Saturday Bag Free Day for Students in GGSSS SilanaActivities on Saturday Bag Free Day for Students in GGSSS SilanaInternational Yoga Day 2023: Jhajjar Celebrating the Unity of Mind, Body, and Spirit

This programme was launched in order to provide a break from the traditional academic routine and to involve students in a variety of constructive and refreshing activities.

Cleaning beside the school gate, yoga practise after prayer, and an important address by the principal about precautions to be taken during the rainy season to combat eye flu, which has been increasing in India, particularly among educational institutes, were among the day’s events.

Bag-Free Saturday: A Welcome Change

Saturday Bag Free Day was a revolutionary concept launched by GGSSS Silana to allow students to participate in activities outside of their typical textbooks and study materials. It not only encouraged extracurricular participation, but it also emphasised the necessity of a comprehensive approach to education. The children were ecstatic at the prospect of spending a day without their school bags, focusing on other areas of learning that were more productive.

Drive for Cleaning Near the School Gate

The school administration organised an enthusiastic cleaning effort to start the day. Students, armed with gloves and cleaning supplies, worked hard to improve the area near the school gate. This activity instilled a sense of responsibility for maintaining the cleanliness of the school grounds. The activity also instilled in the pupils a sense of pride and ownership in their school environment.

Yoga as a Physical and Mental Well-Being Practise

Following the cleanup, the students gathered in the school’s open space for a yoga practise. Yoga, an ancient practise with multiple physical and mental advantages, has grown in popularity among today’s youth. A certified yoga instructor led the students through a series of poses and breathing techniques to help them relax and refresh. The goal of the session was to improve their focus, concentration, and overall well-being.

Principal’s Address on Rainy Season Precautions to protect themselves from eye flu

The Principal, M.S. Yadav, addressed the students. With the monsoon season in full swing, the administrator spoke to the kids about the necessity of taking care to protect themselves from eye flu, an infectious condition that spreads at this time of year.

The principle emphasised the need of maintaining personal cleanliness, particularly washing hands regularly, avoiding touching the face, and staying dry with umbrellas and raincoats.

Furthermore, the administration advised pupils to avoid sharing personal items such as handkerchiefs, water bottles, and stationery in order to reduce the chance of infection transmission. The presentation also featured advice on eating a healthy diet and staying hydrated to increase immunity throughout the rainy season.

The Saturday Bag Free Day at GGSSS Silana was a fun and educational event for both students and staff. It provided a welcome change from the typical academic routine and encouraged pupils to broaden their horizons beyond textbooks. Cleaning and yoga practises instilled in them a sense of responsibility and the value of comprehensive well-being. The principal’s address on eye flu precautions during the rainy season ensured that the pupils were well-informed and prepared to protect themselves from potential health dangers.

The school’s commitment to provide such engaging activities on Bag Free Day deserves kudos because it not only benefits students’ overall development but also fosters responsible and health-conscious individuals for a brighter tomorrow.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the meaning of “Saturday Bag Free Day” at GGSSS Silana?

The “Saturday Bag Free Day” project at GGSSS Silana encourages students to participate in constructive activities without carrying their school bags, fostering holistic learning.
What events were planned for Bag Free Day?

A cleanliness drive beside the school gate and a yoga session for physical and emotional well-being were among the events.
What is the significance of the cleaning campaign?

The cleaning campaign instills in children a sense of responsibility for maintaining cleanliness on and around the school grounds.
What are the advantages of yoga for students?

Yoga, via various postures and breathing exercises, helps pupils enhance their focus, concentration, and overall well-being.
What precautions were mentioned in the principal’s speech?

To protect against eye flu during the rainy season, the principal emphasised personal hygiene, avoiding sharing personal things, and eating a balanced diet.

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